Population Of Alaska 2017

Alaska is a U.S. state located in the northwest point of the Americas. The Frozen North is the biggest state in the United States by territory, the third least crowded and the least densely populated of the 50 United States. Roughly 50% of Alaska’s occupants live inside the Anchorage metropolitan territory. Its economy is ruled by fishing, natural gas as well as oil enterprises, assets which it has in plenitude. Army bases and tourism are additionally a critical part of the economy. The United States bought Alaska from the Russian Empire on March 30, 1867, for 7.2 million U.S. dollars. Alaska is definitely well known for its fishing and many people from around the world out herte visit this beautiful place for some adventure as well as for some fishing activity, which is actually quite a craze in Alaska.

Population Of Alaska 2017


Talking about population, in order to check out the population of Alaska in 2017, we need to have a look at the population of the past 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2012 –731,081
  2. 2013 –737,259
  3. 2014 –736,732
  4. 2015 –737,030
  5. 2016 – 737,812

The population of Alaska in 2017 is forecasted to be 737,812 + 550 = 738,362 So, the population of Alaska in the year 2017 as per estimated data = 738,362.

Alaska Population 2017 – 738,362 (estimated)


As per the 2010 United States Census, it had a population of 710,231. As far as race and ethnicity, the state was 66.7% White, 14.8% American Indian and Native, 5.4% Asian, 3.3% Black, 1.0% Native Hawaiian and 7.3% from two or More Races. Latinos make up 5.5% of the population.


It is at present the 6th speediest developing state at around 1.48%. With an expected population of about 7,40,000, these figures make it the largest state in the country. When you moreover recall that with a colossal surface area of 663,268 square miles, Alaska is by a wide way the biggest state in the US, it’s prominent that Alaska is also by far the most meagerly populated state in the Union, with just 1.26 people per square kilometer.


  1. It is the biggest state in the United States. It is twice as large as Texas. It is likewise bigger than the joined range of the 22 small U.S. states. Three California’s or even 12 New York states can fit in Alaska. On the off chance that it were a nation, Alaska would be world’s twentieth biggest nation on the planet.
  2. Its capital Juneau is the main state capital in the United States with no road associating the city to rest of North America as the territory encompassing the city is excessively tough, making it impossible to make a road.
  3. Of the 20 most noteworthy peaks in the United States, 17 are in Alaska. Denali, the most astounding top in North America is 20,320 ft. above sea level.
  4. There are more than 70 conceivably dynamic volcanoes in Alaska. A few have ejected as of late. The most brutal volcanic ejection of the century occurred in 1912 when Novarupta Volcano emitted, making the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, which is currently some portion of Katmai National Park.
  5. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is the busiest airplane terminal in Alaska.

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