Population Of Billings 2017

Billings is the biggest city of Montana and it is the key city of the Billings Metropolitan Area. The city is encountering quick development and a solid economy; it is keeping on having the biggest growth of any city in Montana. Parts of the metro territory are seeing hyper development.

Population Of Billings 2017

It is named for Frederick H. Billings, a previous president of the Northern Pacific Railroad. With one of the biggest exchange regions in the United States, Billings is the exchange and distribution community for quite a bit of Montana east of the Continental Divide and western parts of North Dakota and South Dakota. Billings has a lot of scenic attractions and one of the reason why every year you would see a large number of tourists visiting this beautiful city.


Talking about population, in order to check out the population of Billings in 2017, we need to have a look at the population of the past 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2012 –107,079
  2. 2013 –109,061
  3. 2014 –110,230
  4. 2015 –111,439
  5. 2016 – 112,572

Taking a look at the population of Billings from the year 2012-16, it has been noticed that there has been an increase of 5493 in the past 5 years. Therefore, it has been seen that every year the population increases by 1098. Hence, the population of Billings in 2017 is forecasted to be 112,572 + 1098 = 113,670. So, the population of Billings in the year 2017 as per estimated data = 113,670.

Billings Population 2017 – 113,670 (estimated)


As per 2000, the middle wage for a household unit in the city was $35,147. Males had a middle salary of $32,525 versus $21,824 for females. The per capita wage for the city was $19,207. Around 9.2% of families and 12.0% of the population were underneath the poverty line, incorporating 16.5% of those below 18 and 7% of those age 65 or above. 29.4% of the population had a four year college education or even higher.


The population density of the city is 926.5 persons per square kilometer. As indicated by the most recent populace gauges from the U.S. Enumeration Bureau, there are currently no less than 4.68 percent expansion in population growth rate. This most recent arrangement of information, which was released a month back puts Billings at the highest point of the pack as far as growth for urban areas of comparative size.

Out of 718 urban communities all through the nation with population more than 50,000, the city lands at about the 86th percentile, which means there are just around 100 comparative estimated urban areas that are growing faster. In connection to the rest of the state, Billings doesn’t prove to be the best.


  1. The primary school classes were held in Billings in 1882. The first ever school was an alternative leased space. A log school was made in 1883, keeping in mind another brick school was being made, the log school burned to the ground.
  2. As per June 2015, the Unemployment rate is 3.9%.
  3. It received the most snow on record simply a year ago with 103.5 inches of snow, beating the previous record of 98.9 inches set in 1996-97 by 4.6 inches.
  4. Billings is the main residence to numerous celebrated athletes from all types of sports. Only a couple incorporate former Major League Baseball pitchers Dave McNally and Jeff Ballard.
  5. It is not legal in Billings to keep a rat as a pet.

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