Population Of Santa Fe 2017

Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico. It is the fourth-biggest city in the state and is the seat of Santa Fe County. This region was occupied for no less than a few hundred years by indigenous people groups who made towns. The city established by Spanish pioneers in 1610 is known as the most seasoned state capital city in the United States and the most established city in New Mexico. The range of Santa Fe was initially possessed by indigenous individuals, who had manufactured various Pueblo towns around 1050 to 1150. One of the most earliest known settlements in what today is downtown Santa Fe came at some point after 900. The city has a lot of Mexican population and a large number of Pizza eateries in it.

Population Of Santa Fe 2017


Talking about population, in order to check out the population of Santa Fe in 2017, we need to have a look at the population of the past 5 years. They are as per the following:

1. 2012 –69,350
2. 2013 –69,976
3. 2014 –70,297
4. 2015 –70,679
5. 2016 – 71,061

Taking a look at the population of Santa Fe from the year 2012-16, it has been noticed that there has been an increase of 1711 in the past 5 years. Therefore, it has been seen that every year the population increases by 342. Hence, the population of Santa Fe in 2017 is forecasted to be 71,061 + 342 = 71,403. So, the population of Santa Fe in the year 2017 as per estimated data = 71,403.

Santa Fe Population 2017 – 71,403 (estimated)


According to the registration of the year 2000, there were 27,569 families out of which 24.1% had youngsters less than 18 years old living with them, 37.6% were hitched couples living respectively, 12.1% had a female householder with no spouse present. 36.4% of all family units were comprised of people living alone and 10.2% had somebody living alone who was 65 years old or more. The normal family unit size was 2.20. The age appropriation was 20.3% under 18, 8.9% for 18-24, 29.0% for 25-44, 28.0% 45-64 and 13.9% 65 or more. For each 100 females there were 91.7 males.


The population density stands at 744 persons per square kilometer. Despite the fact that the knock from 68,000 in 2010 does not reflect in relocation or population growth, the 20 percent expansion demonstrates Santa Fe is a meaty, more population rich spot. That needs to get the consideration of enrollment specialists and organizations hoping to move, which at last means better and more various occupation opportunities for those officially living here. It is growing quicker than numerous different counties in New Mexico, however the population surge of a quarter-century back has eased back to a crawl.


1. The city beats the other 50 state capitals in stature, sitting 7,000 feet above sea level.

2. The Palace of the Governors is the country’s oldest ceaselessly possessed public building, making it one of the country’s most seasoned points of interest.

3. Established in 1608, Santa Fe is the country’s oldest state capitol and it turned into a capital of the whole territory in 1610. Just two more established surviving urban areas, both in Florida, exist: Pensacola, which was established in the year 1559 and Saint Augustine established in 1565.

4. The City is known for its special gathering of notable and strong society.

5. A half-mile stretch of its Canyon Road has more than 100 displays, boutiques and eateries.

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